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I was still living in the US on 9/11 and returned to England in 2003. I became interested in the 9/11 Truth movement when I saw the first 'Loose Change' and did a lot of research. I was very cautious because my loathing of the Bush administration is so deep that I didn't want to believe anything just because of that. However, after a month I had to accept that, if you view 9/11 straight on and without bias, you have to come to the conclusion that the government's account of events is impossible and that, if you follow the facts, you can only come to some very disturbing conclusions indeed. I think that is why most people refuse even to discuss it - normally rational people at that. I also believe that, if the times were normal there would be no hope of getting the Truth movement into the mainstream because the establishment would calculate, accurately for them, that more damage would be done by that than by sticking to the official line. But these are not normal times.
I also can't make out if the fourth letter I have now got to type is an i or a l. Could you sort that out?