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I’m a young foreign student, i was born in Colombia, I’m concern about what is going on around the world and how the effects of 911 had affected people all over the world, and how little people know about the actual FACTS, they know that Osama Bin laden was behind it, but other than that people have complete ignorance. One of the teachers at my school, "thinks is just invesil " to think that "the event on 911 were plot by the US government, but yet he does not have idea that a third building collapsed the same day, when i was talking to him i took my evidence out and showed him, and he just ran to the internet and found a debunk article. which was very crappy... I’m sorry for some people who wont event think about it, and live in denial, very sad, but event greater than that I have seen and talk to people that are completely ignorant to the event and think it was a horrible day they saw it on live TV, but they don’t know the effects of this attacks, so many young people whit a careless attitude toward problems and thinking actions.

United States. kissimme Florida