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About Me

On September 11, 2001, I was working in the West Village, 1.5 miles north of Ground Zero. However, I did not begin to become aware of 9/11 Truth until my employer relocated to the financial district in August 2008.

After experiencing the energy around Ground Zero on a daily basis, and hearing about the 9/11 Truth protesters at the 9/11/2008 commemorative event, I became inspired to research 9/11 on the internet. Once I saw what the reality was, I began to discuss 9/11 Truth with family and friends.

Looking for a way to become active in the movement, I gravitated toward the NYC CAN ballot initiative to have NYC voters decide whether NYC should conduct its own investigation into 9/11. In September 2009, I served as attorney for the NYC CAN 9/11 plaintiffs in Burke v McSweeney, where the court upheld the NYC Clerk’s determination that the NYC CAN ballot initiative was legally defective.

It is my belief that the more people who become aware of 9/11 Truth, the better; whether or not the ultimate goal of bringing the perpetrators to justice is ever actually realized.