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I mostly keep to myself but I did graduate high school, served 10 years in the military and have completed 3 years of college. I believe the events of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center is a game of rich man stealing from the poor, Much of the mass media is being used used to further the interests of a snobbish elite power who are quite enamored of themselves. I have had friends like that, who just irritate the hell out of you because they just know so much more than everyone else and they try to prove it to themselves with thier little (in this case-big) games. Well they are pretty smart but they underestimate those of us with a little humility and restraint. I hope they all are caught. I see the Bill O'reillys and Rush Limbaughs as a real threat to our youth, who will, being impressionable, immitate this arrogant behavior. Attacking the messenger instead of debating the messenger is just pure hate. Like Danny Bonaducci saying Rosie O'donnell could carry a couple of people on her back, like that makes her less credible. I wonder if Danny equates being overweight with stupidity. I regret every minute of my childhood wasted watching "The Partridge Family" The punk was a punk then, and is now.