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I am an American living in the Philippines (from Portland Oregon). When Bush was first selected I made quite an issue about the fact that I thought we were in big trouble with this man as president. I made this comment to anyone who would listen and some who wouldn't. Of course the people that I am close to and the people I would make comments to either thought I was a total left wing radical nutcase or felt I was basically just a complainer.

Well...after September 11, 2001 (my wifes birthday) I had a sense that something really just was not right. I told my wife that I wanted to leave the country, I had this sense that the country was in dire straights with this administration in power. So we left.
I ask myself sometimes if we did the right thing or if I was just running away? Now, I don't think so, I continue to try and stay as informed as I can.

I have emailed, Ron Wyden, Darleen Hooley, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Cheney and George Bush. It's useless to email the White House. The only office I have ever had a response from was Darleen Hooleys (Meagan Mansfield).

So my question is, what can I do now? Do I need to write letters? Is there a secret to emailing government officials and getting a response? Help me out here please.

I am so passionate about this issue and I want to speak out. I know, I am a just a retired US Navy Vietnam era vet, Just one voice, living outside of the country. But I want to help. Why? Because This administation is guilty! Guilty of deceipt, deception, treason, murder and much more. I am so angry that something like this could happen and the mainstream media (one of our most powerful resources) stands by and does nothing. Their non-participation in exposing this travesty makes them guilty too. Thank you, Philip Madlem