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male/ 30 years old. Maybe my english ain't perfect.

Yet a few weeks ago, 9/11 "Conspiracy Theories" were nothing but the paranoid beliefs of some freaks to me...

Until i happened to visit the site I started some research, and step by step, it really blew me off. I could not believe what i saw.
So i was blind the whole time -- but i still would be, would i not have gotten acces to the web some time ago (at home, i had none before).
Because the media remains absolutely silent about this, at least in germany, and this i cannot believe, even more -- regarding the strong evidence; besides the fact september 11th was used to justify such heavily political changes, enduring up to today -- 2 wars, guantanamo bay and torture.

It is important to stand up and call for justice. At least to show the world: there still is resistance, we're no herd of sheep.

Besides the great work many groups in the truth movement are doing, i'm concerned about some parts of it, like websites coming up with hair-raising evidence, crude propaganda, blaming "world-zionists" etc. I think this is damaging a lot, to the movement as a whole.