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I first became interested in 9/11 after I got my computer, and was reading comments at Bradblog, and through a link, I started reading about the pentagon strike, I was "blown away"! That led me to do further reading, and now it is like I am continuously holding my breath, waiting for the nation's awakening. I am still in shock actually, and I don't know where to focus, but I am always watching for the "dam to burst". Thanx guys, for all you do. One question, I just read an article about the jet engine that was found at the wtc site, and it was not the right engine for a 757, in light of the info in "Loose Change" regarding plane switches, why am I not hearing more about this "strange jet engine", it certainly makes the "switched plane theory" far more plausible, and I will provide the link with a picture of the "strange engine" Thank-you guys so much for all you do!! You guys are heroes in my book!