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I woke up a few years ago to the reality of the New World Order. At first I couldn’t believe my life as I knew it was a total lie, being lied to from birth, born a virtual slave to leaders that seek to destroy all of our freedoms. I have always been a person who hated control. I have always enjoyed to be the type of person who did the opposite of what society and people deemed to be mainstream or normal. I won’t be the New World Order’s slave, and I won’t watch this sad world go into the hands of power-hungry control freaks who get off on order out of chaos.

This is MY world, I am my own person, I am free, I am in control of my own destiny on this planet. My main inspiration from the beginning is a courageous man who puts his life and his families life on the line everyday, I admire him and wish like him I could set aside such valuable time and resources to fight this cancer killing this planet daily. The New World Order, Illuminati, the Globalists’, whatever fancy label you want to wrap around these demons is fine by me but one important goal in my life is to expose these criminals for what they are. All the crimes they are responsible for, from the last world wars, to the events of 9/11. They will be exposed and they will be held accountable by the people of this world, you can count on that, so continue your reign of terror scum because just as fast as you can think up your diabolical plans we are right there catching your every move and sloppy execution. Take this blog site as an act of war, a infowar, a war that is fought with the mind not a bullet. I started out in this world yours but leave here free of your evil chains.

if freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom

Contact me at I am based in Vancouver, BC Canada and currently am looking to unite Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement supporters and all around New World Order slayers. Our current Vancouver 9/11 Truth website is

Vancouver Canada