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Initially found alternative 9/11 theories hard to swallow but started to become sceptical of the OGCT after reading Peter Lance's "Cover Up", further investigating WTC7, and officially put on the foil hat after viewing Dr. Griffin's powerful speech at Madison.

The only aspects of 9/11 that I have a truely strong conviction of are that: NORAD was immobilized, the buildings were demolished in some manner, and a massive effort to cover-up evidence and stonewall information ensued. That is not to say I find no other aspects compelling.

If 9/11 truth is to be widely accepted or discredited, I believe it will be due to government sanctioned investigation of a single piece of evidence and subsequent reporting by the mainstream media. For this reason I believe the focus of the movement's efforts should be narrow and easily comprehended by the general public.

Bachelor of Computer Science, currently working as a programmer, database administrator, web designer. Enthusiast of audio production and musical performance!

St. Louis, MO