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Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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Attended G6B event in Calgary where Mike Ruppert and Michel Chossudovsky exposed the inside job.
Followed Meria Heller on the net ever since. Picked up Alex Jones anong the way.
Been to three truth conferences, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix.
Will go to the June conference in Vancouver.
Gave copies of Global Outlook to several Canadian Members of Parliament including three party leaders and to most of those running for Liberal Party Leadership. Gave "Towers of Deception" to the Liberal Foreign Affairs spokesman. Got cut off by a radio station for insisting that fire did not bring down WTC. In a "Google Loose Change 2" t-shirt asked questions at several political meetings. Accused of anti-Semitism for emailing newscaster demanding he tell the truth about Building 7. Spent one year communicating with Calgary Herald asking for an article on the inside job. Success with Calgary Herald; have a lunch date with letters editor April 2007. Will ask Canadian politicians to look at the evidence. Will wear 9/11 Truth T-shirts at University of Calgary gymnasium and elsewhere when appropriate.