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Producer of popular hour-long Monday thru Friday Manhattan Public Access cableTV program Truth For A Change, that offers startling examples of what the commercial media wont show of government wrongdoing, including showing most of the 911 Truth conferences of Toronto, SanFrancisco, New York, DC, Chicago and LA along with the popular 911 videos. I have been producing Public Access for 32 years

I am a Caltech graduate in electrical engineering and hold a law degree from the University of Chicago but only practiced a little patent law in my 20's before becoming a hippie dropout in the 60's leaving hometown Chicago and living some years in Oakland and Berkeley before returning East and eventually settling in NYC in 1973 and earning a living mostly as a household mover.

Early on it struck me that the WTC collapse was from controlled demolition and that the Pentagon wasn't struck by an airliner. I had already been videotaping Ruppert and Schoenman before 911, so their embracing 911 truth provided opportunity to meet up with several of the folks that developed into NY 911 Truth.

My hope is that 911 revelations will be the key to our public's realizing our government needs to be replaced and that we can make a peaceful transition to an actual democracy.

My principal concerns are promoting peaceful revolution and the scientific study of birthday.
I will be coming forward soon claiming to be a second Copernicus for discovering that human nature revolves around the sun, that birthday amounts to phase angle of the annual sinusoidal envelope of solar energy flow to our temperate zones, and humans have evolved to respond to this dimensional variation in our seasonal environment with systematic differences in neural integration as nature's way of increasing the variety of ways humans have for dealing with situations. This variety has a circularity offering predictable harmonies and conflicts among the various points of view and ways of making sense. By explaining why birthday is so important I hope to rescue birthday study from astrology. Birthday provides a solar compass to help us learn to think together more effectively in groups, a useful tool as we try to achieve real democracy.