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I live in Huntsville, where Von Braun is regarded as a god, where half the people work at Redstone Arsenal churning out more Patriot Missiles. I'm trying to get a handle on the pride and excitement I feel when I see this town booming and resolve the guilt I feel knowing all the money pouring in is coming from billions of dollars approved by a legislature that has to keep selling new wars to keep the gravy train rolling. Oh, yeah, and I very much dislike hypocrites, which we all are to an extent, but there are some who have really made a not-too-fine art of it lately. 9/11 is a nasty splinter in America's heel. I'd like to see it finally yanked out into the open so we can all go,"Yeeeeouch! That hurt like a mother," and then get on with the healing.

Huntsville, AL