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About Me

I am 44 years old, single father of two. I am an Aircraft Licenced Maintenance Engineer at a an Australian Airline and am qualified on most of the Boeing commercial aircraft (767/747 & 737 series) in Avionics with Basic qualifications in the Mechanical subjects being in the industry for 27 years. I served in the Australian Army Reserve for just over 10 years in the Infantry, being a qualified Sergeant, finishing up as Acting Battalion Operations Sergeant. I am still an active member of the Returned Serviceman's League (RSL) of Australia.

I have been researching 9/11 and the "War on Terror" for about 7 years now and have spent a lot of time trying to grasp the large body of information on offer at the 9/11 reading room, the Journal of 9/11 Studies and . Steven Jones, Richard Gage et al and many others have inspired me to act to help prevent more cowardly acts in the name of money, power and tyranny!

I was an activist for 9/11 Truth over about 5 years organising many events locally, Australia wide and Internationally. I am currently not involved in the organisation of any events but am still available to talk on the issue.

My associations include;

Member – Returned Servicemen’s League of Australia
Member – Lions International
Delegate – Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
Member - Amnesty International

9/11 Truth Involvement

Member – Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Participant in Australia’s first 11th day of Every Month Protest
Principal Organiser of the Truth Now Tour - Sydney Conference March 2008
Principal Organiser and speaker at the “Delusion 911” Public Meeting in Sydney on September 11, 2008 (200 plus in attendance)
Principal Organiser of "The Hard Evidence Tour” November 2009 with Gage and Jones getting the truth of 9/11 to over 1 million people in Australia and New Zealand.
Organiser Sydney 9/11 Truth Action Group 2007-2011
Speaker at many events including The Inverell Forum and speaking around Australia with “Why 9/11 Truth?”
Available and regular spokesman on radio in Australia for 9/11 Truth.
I was the co-founder of Truth Action Australia and was the National Coordinator.

I rate as the number one news source on all things 9/11, thank you for the service you provide!

I hosted the podcast for the a period of approximately 2 years for Michael Wolsey, please listen if you want to get the information and interviews regarding 9/11 research and the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Kind regards John Bursill - Contact

Sydney, Australia