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I became interested in 911 after a friend passed me the link to the pentagon strike flash video. I didn't really follow up with 911 then, but found it interesting. I caught the news that a physics professor (Dr. Jones) believed 911 was an inside job and that caught my attention and got me started researching and following 911. My education is in chemistry and physics.

I don't have time to do the research I would like to on 911, but I follow the news and developments regularly. I try to keep an open mind and also attempt to keep up with some of the debunking sites and their point of view. I am interested in the truth, not disinfo or spin. The truth is somewhere out there... Let's find it. I don't believe it is being given to us by the powers that be. It seems they have their own agenda, and that does not necessarily include the peoples best interests.

This country deserves the truth. It's time we get it, damn it!