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I took particular interest in 9/11 along with world affairs and politics generally after the London bombings on 7th July 2005, although just before this I was already becoming extremely concerned by worrying trends in the UK which were becoming very noticeable, and particularly a push towards ID cards. Naturally I viewed the Iraq War as a wanton, terrible, shocking abuse of power but wasn't intimately involved in really looking at it that deeply at the time, other than 9/11 had been taken advantage of and that the war was clearly very very wrong.

Previously I had various doubts about 9/11 that it may have been some kind of internal coup in effect, but I hadn't studied it at all or really what other people were saying about it in detail until summer last year after the attacks in London. It was then it really hit home to me how much the mainstream media was failing, and I started following the alternative media on the internet and reading more about politics and history and how we got to this point, probably as many others have done. It started to hit home that US government complicity in 9/11 was actually quite a real proposition.

I don't have a particular area of expertise per se on 9/11 itself although I am very interested in the destruction of the buildings, and the movements of various political and military figures before and on 9/11.

I cover 9/11 news on my own blog and really have done since Professor Jone's paper appeared last year. I am also particularly interested in how politicians are using 9/11 especially with regards to the UK. Currently I am especially concerned about the current chancellor of the exchequer Gordon Brown who, is widely thought to be Blair's successor based on a power sharing deal they made in 1994, and has been seeking to use 9/11 to manufacture his reach for power.

More generally I am very concerned about the political climate in the United Kingdom, I'm extremely concerned not only by Blair and Brown, but really all those who have been supporting them and I write quite intensely on this subject on my own blog.