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I hadn't subscribed to the "unofficial" 911 conspiracy theories until recently, (a couple of months ago in fact), until I saw the interview by David Frost of Benazir Bhutto shortly before her assassination. In that interview (I believe the BBC has actually de-censored its original censorship of that interview in its archives), she mentioned, quite matter of factly, that one of the men who she fingered as a likely person to harm her was the "man that murdered Osama bin Laden".

I didn't believe that Bhutto misspoke, and accidentally substituted bin Laden's name instead of Daniel Pearl's, and this made me wonder what other lies of a generally enormous magnitude have been told.

This lead me to WTC 7, and inevitably and reluctantly to the Twin Towers.

I still find it very difficult viscerally to accept that the whole thing was planned months or even years before it actually happened...maybe even on Bill Clinton's watch. I find myself thinking sometimes that 911 simply couldn't have happened, because the explanations are just too implausible. Except of course that it did happen, and we have to deal with that fact.