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It didn't really strike me that 9/11 was a fraud until I saw the replay of the Andy Card whisper later that night. It was around midnight and I wasn't even aware that WTC7 had fallen at that point, but when I saw Bush's reaction to the news that the second plane had hit - my jaw dropped - I stared at the screen thinking, "He knew!"

But by 2001 I was already somewhat aware of the depravity to which the NWO could sink. I knew OKC was staged and that the crimes at Waco went unpunished, so it did not surprise me that the criminals behind 9/11 would be able to pull of such a huge attack and pin it on some low level bad guys. I did not fully understand the picture of the future that these predatory control-freaks had planned for us. I did not even begin to fathom the contempt that they hold for their fellow inhabitants of the planet, us. They hate us and want to kill us. It is time to get serious.

What really surprised me about 9/11 was the arrogance with which the Official Lie was presented to us, the American People who own this Country, by our supposed Servants. These jerks gave us a dog-and-pony show on a shoestring budget instead of the investigation we deserved. We need a new official investigation with a budget that is proportional to the amount of money we're spending on one of 9/11's consequences: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Only recently have I become aware that my voice can make a difference. Since it isn't important whether or not my writing actually makes a difference, I'll give it a shot. Let's try to save the lifeboat of Freedom in this world of tyrants for our children. Go USA!