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About Me

Aloha... my name is Lisa Long and I currently work as a psychic....
(i am not taking any new clients at this time)
I am also an artist and I owned my own Advertising Agency for many years.
I only include information about me because, there is safety in The Light.
I am doing this for THE ANGELS. They asked me too.
And I am also doing it because I love AMERICA, my country, and its people.
I am doing it for all of us and for our children. We all need to know the Truth.
The REAL TRUTH, not the lies and coverups fed to us by the USA controlled media empire.
I think we are strong enough to take it, even if it is not pleasant, and believe me, it is not
pleasant... it is very shocking... and it is mind expanding at the same time... read my sites in small doses, give yourself time to heal and understand before moving on to the next section, if possible.
It is in a way REVELATIONS... and the Revelations contained within, can change us and our world forever... and also change the way we look at each other and our world.
You can either live with lies, or seek the Truth. The choice is yours.
All of this information is available on the internet. I am just compiling it into a more easily
digestible form, looking at the details, and pointing them out.
You may not agree with me, that is okay. And sometimes I may be wrong.. and I will work to fix those pages and information... when I am enlightened to those errors. I have included most of the links, photos, videos etc... so you can do your own research and make your own conclusions.
My wish is for America to wake up, start LOOKING and asking real questions.
They believe 99% of the public does not care. I believe they are 99% wrong.
The answer to this question, lies with you.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii