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I'm a frequent lurker and occasional poster who heard DRG's Madison lecture last May and started paying attention.
Congrats on the new site and thanks to DZ, SBG, GW and JG for all of the many contributions you've made.
In August 2005 the LA Times interviewed DRG and I thought 'this is it! The lid is off! Its gonna blow wide open!' Silly me. I've also had the same feeling with LC2 (which I'm still handing out) C McKinney's hearings, the S911T petition (I'm #104), the Zogby poll, the Faux H/C vs. Fetzer, Barrett shows, the CSpan Alex Jones symposium (4 times!) etc.
I've come to look at all those (and more) advances as battles that we won. The war isn't over yet but we've come a long way and we will win.