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'39 Nazi Germany
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Basic intuitive knowledge of physics got me looking at 9/11. The "pancake" theory made no sense to me. How could all those huge steel support columns below the crash zone just turn to wet noodles allowing the building to fall into it's own footprint.

If the planes had truly brought the buildings down, the top half of each tower would have collapsed a floor or two, then met with serious resistance. Anyway, that was my line of thinking in late 2001- I immediately knew "they hate us for our freedoms" was a lie, but it took me a while to realize just how evil this cabal in power is. The movie Hijacking Catastrophe taught me about PNAC.... I've been alternately pissed and terrified ever since.

They seem to be following in Hitler's footsteps- how long til the "night of 1000 knives" and mass roundups?