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I come from a land down-under
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I am 35, male. Work fulltime in retail. Not married, no kids, dont have a drivers license, dont own a mobile phone, hate multinational corporations, hate oil companies, refuse to buy a car that runs on petroleum products. Been interested in UFO's for years. Then 911 came about and now my focus is to expose the REAL 911 perpetrators. Basically Im sick and tired of the US government and its CFR cronies and puppet president and the Illuminati Puppet masters using terrorism as an excuse to bomb innocent women & children and citizens in poorly defended countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and many other countries throughout the 19th century. I notice an underlying theme to the latest invasions. They seem to have no defences whatsoever that could even rival the power and might of the US military. You could say a "David vs Goliath" battle. David being the Iraq & Afghanistan, whilst Goliath is the US. Apply that same idea to the Israel and Lebanon war too. But like they say the bigger they are the harder and further they fall. I also believe in the law of Karma, what you put out will return to you three-fold, whether that be positive or negative energy. What goes around comes around. Take heed Mr Bush, the law of karma.