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I was immediately suspicious, particularly that an attack on the Pentagon could succeed. I've followed the general gist of conspiracy theories without finding them convincing either. I bought In Plane Site and wasn't impressed. It wasn't until viewing 911pressfortruth that I realised it might be possible to raise public awareness of the problems with the official story. I have many criticisms of 911pressfortruth, such as the inclusion of the Afghan material, the blatant emotional manipulation etc. However, it fulfills most of the requirements for providing a vehicle which ordinary people could climb aboard. I read recently that Loose Change is being upgraded for theatrical release. If that happens, the 911 truth movement will be a laughing stock in the same way that Kossacks were able to ridicule the Hustler post. What the 911 truth movement needs to do in my opinion is to rally round 911pressfortruth hopefully in an abridged version containing only those elements where the evidence is both overwhelming and easily assimilated. WTC7 collapse with Larry's commentary; Bush & Rice lies and evasion contrasted with the determined efforts of the Jersey Girls to get to the truth etc.; the difficulty of believing that the US was in effect undefended against a known threat. Any areas of doubt like no plane at the Pentagon, in fact any areas requiring specialist knowledge shouldn't be allowed into the final cut.