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I've been an advocate of natural health for 50 years, fighting the medical/drug establishment. The medical establishment is as bad as the political establishment. They want to enslave us to their drugs and narrow view of so-called health care. The banking/military/wall street bunch has been trying to take over for a long time. It goes back to before the Spanish/American war - blowing up of the Maine in Cuba, to the gulf of Tonkin hoax, to the JFK assassination. Now the military/industrial complex knows it can get away with ANYTHING. Who's to stop them? Think about it. Why would any Congressman or Senator or reporter want to try to stop this behemoth when they know that death awaits them? You know I'm not exaggerating.

What's to be done about it? 100 million people into the streets protesting, blocking traffic, stopping commerce. Will this happen? There may be hope, as long as there are French workers who know how to terrorize the government with strikes. I like a country where the workers can bring a country to its knees. That's the way it should be. Americans are fatter and lazier than the French. I feel that if people can't at least turn off the television, then there's no hope. And as long as their kids dictate what goes on in their lives - whether diet, or video games, violent movies - Americans are doomed to get what they deserve.

Coarsegold California