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In 1979 I ran across a rain-damaged xerox copy of the Gemstone File outlining the basic, now obvious, theory of how JFK was actually murdered by a cabal of intelligence officers operating inside the US Government. Slowly my eyes began to open. Now I see America as a nation of sleepwalkers, unaware of the level of manipulation and brainwashing they are undergoing daily. 911 - that infamous day - left most Americans with "eyes wide shut." Can a rag-tag, internet-connected, band of truth-seekers turn things around? Or are we laying our lives on the line for a cause that is already beyond hope? Only time will tell. But I do know this: someday this absurd level of global sufferring will come to an end and humanity - or a life-form much like it - will live together in peace, abundance, and happiness while at the same time honoring each individual's right to self-determination and embracing the pursuit of truth.

Anchor Bay, California, USA