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I love my God, Jesus Christ, My wife, my family and country. Truely conservative, not Republican nor Democrat (break that chain of bondage). Born in Smallville Indiana, born again at 9 years of age, grew up in central Florida, joined the Army, served in the 82nd Airborne Division for my four years, went to one war, worked in security at Walt Disney World, was reactivated into another war (that ended shortly there after), went to college, moved to the Triad NC and been there ever since. One day I'll elaborate.:

Although it's frustrating to write a letter to a "representative" only to recieve back a form response, and sometimes one that is completely unrelated to the original topic of concern, it is imperative that you PARTICIPATE!

1. Educate yourself, no I mean really get informed. Public school has succeeded in it's intended goal of limiting truth.

2. Educate others - a vast field waiting to be harvested.

3. Don't back down. Translate what you "cyber" learn into real interaction with your species. Christ even "commissioned" and said "go" and "make"... real verbs, real action.
...time is short.

4. Have hope. There is a Creator, often misrepresented, who works through people, although it often doesn't seem like it. It's called faith.

Although our system is broke as it can be, by design, we have to exercise our patriotic and constitutional responsibility. Get some guts. Get off your butts. Let your sphere of influence know, let our government servants know what we know and that it matters. Otherwise, we don't matter!

Greensboro, North Carolina