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I am a U.S. Air force veteran with 35+ years experience in welding, engineering, and manufacturing with structural steel, non-ferrous metals, high stength corrosion resistant alloys, etc.
When I first saw the collapse of Tower Two, I remember saying, "Wow! There must be something seriously wrong with the design of that building! I see a massive lawsuit coming!" When Tower One collapsed I said, "There is no way that those small fires could cause BOTH towers to fall!"
When Bldg. 7 collapsed I said, "Why are they demolishing
an intact structure?" Later on when I heard that some small
diesel fuel fires caused the collapse I said, "Who decided
that - The Three Stooges?" The Official Government Conspiracy Theory(OGCT) was so ludicrous that I began to
question everything about 9/11. My son introduced me to
Alex Jones, and that started the Great Enlightenment!
I believe that the only way to save our country is to
expose the whole truth of 9/11 so that people will have to face the horror and deal with it. As for the Neocon/Nazi/Bush administration, I say, "Pull It!"