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I knew while watching the second tower fall on 9/11 that something seemed unreal about the situation. I couldn't have told you what, but it just didn't smell right that both towers collapsed so quickly and completely. Years later, as I started investigating 9/11, I found no end to the bad odors emanating from the OCT. Now it's past time to clean it all up, but since we don't have a time machine, we'll have to start now anyway. ;-)

I want to help keep 9/11 truth about 9/11 truth, and not a bunch of other agendas. I also want to help people perceive things as they are and not as we might wish them to be -- not that wishing is bad per se, but it can't be confused with perception or we get in trouble. I also am voraciously curious, especially about subjects like 9/11, and this site feeds that craving.