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About Me

I am an educator, proud parent, and patriot who wishes to see the dream of a real democracy actualized once and for all.

My arrival to 9/11 Truth was no overnight revelation. I supported our government's invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq. And while I was never a fan of war, I felt this was in our country's interests of self-defense. A friend requested me to read a few books which fueled some skepticism I had about our government. These titles included Richard Clarke's "Against All Enemies," Noam Chomsky's "9/11," Lutz Cleveman's "The New Great Game," and most importantly, David Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor."

These are my new convictions:

1. The 9/11 Commission has witheld the truth from the American people.
2. The 9/11 Commission has lied to the American people.
3. The people responsible for 9/11 and its cover-up are at large and need to be brought to justice.
4. The heroes of 9/11, especially those afflicted from the lied-about air quality at Ground Zero, are being criminally neglected by our government.
5. An independent investigation into 9/11 must be pursued in the interest of REAL national security.

I believe the tipping point is upon us. Peace is the goal.

Pray for truth. Pray for peace.

Port Chester, NY