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When 911 happended, I like many people believed that we were attacked by terrorists. The mainstream media spun me out, to the point where it was impossible to even think about it, it happended at a time of my life where I was focused on career changes, and family. I always knew there is corruption in any area that people can obtain power, so coming to grips with the fact that our government orchestrated this, was easy. It all started for me with 911 Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones. Listening to Alex on the radio, then Loose Change. And here I am, the desire to see all of us succeed, drives me! My waking thoughts each day are on the progress of this movement! We have to stop these murderous criminals! My pen name comes from none other than Steven Segal's character Casey Ryback from Under Siege, if you watch all of his films, you can see how he tried to show us the corruption in the government. Seems like after he made On Deadly Ground, about 'oil' he went down hill. Perhaps that's why he's in Japan now.