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My most notable achievement of sorts was impulsively placing handwritten stickers on Delta Flight 1165 iin August 2008. This led to charges of disorderly conduct and national news coverage. The resulting discourse on the official story of 9/11 and being interviewed by Alex Jones was a wild experience. Refusing to cop a plea, I got the charges dismissed. I was fortunately able to do so with donations from supporters and a pro bono lawyer referred through the ACLU and National Lawyers Guild.

A double major in politics and economics, I was an activist leader becoming president of the Humboldt State University chapter of NORML and 911 Truth. It was an honor being able to screen documentary films and feature people like Stephen Jones, Jack Herer, Sander Hicks, Paul Zarembka, and so on. I also was a student government chair and eventually suffered an illegal impeachment that was decried by my local ACLU chapter to no avail.

I shifted my energy into comedy as a more palatable path to initiate change. Laughter seems a better strategy to make difficult subjects easier to ponder. I also became a vegan and believe that the way we treat animals allows similar issues to exist in society.
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Humboldt County, California