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About Me

My name is Jason Robo, and I have been questioning authority in the interest of freedom and justice since my early youth as a Navy brat. I am currently a comedian, radio DJ, firespinner, and personal trainer with various related wellness certifications and a BA in politics.

I am a former 9/11 Truth chapter president and most notably the “sticker guy” from Delta flight 1165 in 2008. I impulsively wrote messages questioning the official narrative of the 9/11/2001 event and shared various websites. I was arrested without due process and the press published the irrational character conjured up for my police report. Eventually I got a chance to tell my side of the story, though still with overtones of the police report. My charges were dismissed with a pro-bono attorney, Jeff Wiesner. Wiesner later represented the "Obama Hope" artist, Shepard Fairey. I narrated the whole experience in the post Flight 1165 The Saga. The incident capped off a few difficult months of my life.

I was also a NORML chapter president while studying political science at Humboldt State University. I attempted a double major in economics while taking journalism courses, but fell short of the financial aid needed to complete a few courses. My student body elected me to chair the student government. I was illegally impeached just before the election I was ran for student body president. My name was removed from the ballot after an administrative kangaroo court hearing declared me “ineligible” to hold office. The local ACLU decried these events and the local Women’s League of Voters was also not taken up on an offer to mediate our elections.

Another candidate who should have been in a run-off election filed a complaint. The school paper and the campus community protested. The complaint was ignored at the obvious advise of administrative minion Paul Mann, who after some whispering I caught on camera in an oddly cramped small conference room. A right to appeal the validity of the “eligibility” ruling was not permitted. I was an unwavering critique of HSU president Rollin Richmond’s administration and their budget crisis. I also regularly reminded how federal funds were seemingly unlimited for endless wars and scarce for education, a virtual book burning via limiting access. The election was held three times until a write-in candidate friendly to the administration was “elected”. During this time I also was attacked by a local yellow journalist Kevin Hoover. Hoover has worked with the mainstream media promoting racist fear-based mythologies against cannabis that started the war on drugs.

Since graduation in 2009 I have hosted a TV news show “Unstacking the Deck” (2010-2012) with Kyle Beattie, a colleague from the political science department at HSU. Stand-up comedy also became another outlet for my activist tendencies. I later started a show “Comedy for a Change” on KMUD and feature strictly thought-provoking comedy. The show has been running for five years and lately I have decided to conduct interviews with a humorous bend.

I’ve also become a certified personal trainer in my interest of improving the human condition. Addition certifications in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell and The Science of Well-Being from Yale have complimented this mission. Recently I have gotten involved in politics during the pandemic. I’ve been appointed a parks and recreation commissioner in Blue Lake, Ca, and am running for city council in the 2020 election.

Arcata, Humboldt County, California