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The spring prior to 9/11 I nearly joined the Marines upon my graduation from high school. One of my fellow football players later perished in Afghanistan. It took a few years for me to vote for John Kerry in 2004 and start to see the democratic fraud. Documentaries like Bush's Brain led to Fog of War, Anthony J Hilder's Illuminazi 911 and some of Alex Jones' films. I was about to complete my AA and transfer to Humboldt State University in Fall 2006 to study political science, economics, history and journalism.

At HSU I went head first into student government committees and clubs such as NORML and 911 Truth. A funny article was on the front page HSU's paper, The Lumberjack titled “Student gets involved.” I sought to tie together the war on education, drugs and terror into a coherent counteroffensive. I held numerous documentary screenings, discussions and brought neglected truths to relevant discussion, much to the disdain of the lamestream minded. My involvement made me a regular subject in the school paper. I successfully ran for Legislative VP of student government and became president of the HSU-NORML chapter for 07-08.

By spring 2008 I suffered numerous attempts by the administration and their yes-man minion students to remove me from student government entirely. Eventually as I ran for president the administration removed me from the ballot in the middle of the three days of voting. I was nearly tied for first and likely would have won, or at least been in a run-off election with a fellow revolutionary who sometimes sported an Immortal Technique shirt. The administration got what they wanted after the elections were held three times. The local ACLU came forward and stated “significant irregularities...It would appear that HSU student Jason Robo was illegitimately removed from the ballot." I was also denied participation in any committee or hold club officer positions as a result of the administrative ruling. The injustice was never remedied.

After a rough spring semester at HSU I was arrested for placing stickers questioning the government version of 9/11 in summer 2008 after visiting family on the east coast, where I spent most of my military brat childhood. This landed me apparently in international news coverage where a distorted version of events was reported. Alex Jones had me as a guest to tell me side of the story. I received donations from around the country. After a few hearings I beat charges of disorderly conduct, though no corrections were issued nor any story on my dismissal.

I continued to host 911 Truth events and over the years have helped host Richard Gage, Philip Zarembka, Sander Hicks, William Rodriguez and others in the 911 Truth movement. I also helped screen films pre-release like American Drug War by Kevin Booth and had other guests like Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer. I've confronted RFK Jr for not questioning the events of 9/11 as portrayed by the government, while he openly despised the Bush administration for being untrustworthy and deceptive. I hosted a radio news program I dubbed Unstacking the Deck that turned into a webcast and public access series.

Lately I have turned more towards comedy, inspired by the likes of Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Lewis Black for their edgy political humor. Nowadays I post blog insights on along with some videos of my developing comedy routines.

Humboldt County, California, Behind the Redwood Curtain