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Fed-up with terrorism laws being used on ordinary people for less-than misdemeanors as a convenience.
Depressed that so many new police recruits value their regular salary and brown-nosing for promotion more than questioning draconian anti-protest, anti-free-speech laws
Sickened at being seen as an odd-ball for suggesting 9-11 and 7/7 were likely NWO orchestrated.
I have met royalty close-up and personal during security exercises to protect them and their vehicles. They are not normal, that's as nice as I can put it. They see themselves as a higher animal.
I believe the Diana murder was just that, but the blood-sample-switching nonsense currently being 'uncovered' is a pre-installed red-herring designed to deflect from the bigger picture.
I believe she was killed with a huge insulin injection in the s..l..o..w.. ambulance drive. Injections in a small cut wound (such as a car-crash victim would have) is 100% undetectable, especially when the NWO stooge professor flushed away all her blood illegally 'embalming' her when she was still warm.
The best way to hide a conspiracy is with another manufactured one, 'exposed' after a time to kill the interest in any root conspiracy.