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When I saw the towers go down my first thought was,"how did they get that many bombs in there unnoticed".Then the TV experts came out & said,"there probably weren't any explosives involved" & I thought ,"yeah,right!".I knew they were lying then & I kept asking myself,"why are they lying?why are they lying?"The only thing I could come up with is that they were lying to avoid the embarrasment of having to admit the 'terrorists' were able to sneak that many bombs into the buliding right under their noses.Then I forgot about for a couple years.
It wasn't until in a post on a blog (I don't even remember which one) on a subject not related to 911 that 911 somehow got brought up & someone posted something about the buildings falling at the acceleration rate of gravity.Remembering my highschool science class I thought,'that's impossible' so,I set out to prove it wasn't true & it sort of unravelled from there.When I look back to the days right after 911 & how I wondered why they were lying I'm apalled at just how naive I was for the thought that they themselves might have done it never crossed my mind! I know better now.