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Bush/Cheney and company got the greatest gift a fascist coup could possibly want on 9/11. Any attempt to answer the question "who benefits?" produces only one realistic answer: The Bush administration and its cronies in various industries that make tons of money from war and chaos. The latter include international banking and investment interests, fossil fuels extractors and producers, arms manufacturers, military services contractors, and mineral and/or strategic metal mining companies.

Everybody and everything else loses. The people who live in countries the US decides to bomb, invade and occupy; the Constitution, or what's left of it; numerous ecosystems bombed and otherwise violated beyond their ability to sustain life. You name it; Bush/Cheney et al have destroyed it.

Given that 9/11 is the single catalytic event that gave them license to launch their wars of imperialism, military hegemony and domestic repression, and given that without a 9/11-class event the PNAC agenda would have been nearly impossible to implement, the finger points directly at the white house. Motive, means and opportunity.

Either that or bin Laden's laptop and cell phone are the most extraordinarily powerful devices of their kinds ever made. And he's apparently got the only copy of Windows that doesn't crash at least twice a day. Some mastermind, that guy.

Anyway, yes they did it. The evidence (what little they didn't illegally remove from the world's greatest crime scene) proves it didn't happen as the official myth would have us believe. Thermate, molten steel, squibs, cutter charges, 45 degree angles, obvious blast characteristics rather than any suggesting gravity induced collapse, removing and/or destroying evidence, sealing the site, the fate of WTC 7 vs that of the Deutsche Bank building... There's just too much evidence pointing at the Bushies and not enough pointing anywhere else.

Reasonable people capable of critical thinking have to conclude that the towers blew up and WTC 7 was "pulled," as lucky Larry said in one of the more epic slips of the tongue ever recorded. Asbestos and other toxic materials inhaled as fine dust particles -- rather than the huge chunks of concrete a "pancake" collapse would produce -- killed/are killing first responders who were lied to by the administration and told the air was safe to breathe just days after 9/11. The pentagon story is non-credible. So is the Shanksville fairy tale. The cell phone calls couldn't have happened with 2001 technology. Gravity doesn't suddenly turn 90 degrees and eject 40-ton beams sideways for hundreds of feet with enough force to embed them into other buildings. More than 500 suppressed oral histories, taken immediately after the towers collapsed and all attributing the collapses to explosions, can't be ignored, much as the 9/11 commission and the fixer and toady Philip Zelikow would hope they are. NORAD doesn't usually hang out at the north pole and leave the entire northeast corridor unprotected unless somebody high up in the food chain issues those orders -- say Rumsfeld and/or Cheney.

Too many cases of cosmic synchronicity; too many ridiculous coincidences; too many unlikely dependencies. They did it. They need to be indicted for mass murder and high treason. They need to be exposed at a very public trial, and found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. And they need to be sentenced to the harshest penalty the law provides for those offenses. And that'll be me in the front row, cheering and dancing with joy as they go to their just rewards, one by one, until the stench of the Bush administration is finally expunged from the earth.

Other than all that, I'm sure they're just swell folks and the kind of people you'd like to have a beer with, eh?