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Friday, August 18, 2006

Speaking to Left Gatekeepers

I believe it was Barrie Zwicker who said the left gatekeepers need to be woken up or exposed. Feel like ruffling some feathers? Here's a start, add your own nomination for a Truth Spanking in the comments below.
Danse says:

I compiled a list of prominent left-gatekeepers; perhaps we can get an email campaign going.

My advice for emailers, which of course you are free to ignore:

  • Stay away from “the illuminati”, the “NWO”, black helicopters and secret societies.
  • Remind them that the truth is paramount, and supercedes political bias.
  • Point out that 911 is unlike any “conspiracy theory” before or after and has the potential to mobilize huge numbers of people; it can also shatter a Bushbot’s paradigm overnight, potentially causing Bush’s base to crumble.
  • The peace movement has been unsuccessful. If they truly wish to stop WWIII they will have to dismantle the “big lie” that perpetuates these wars; doing so is not difficult – the lie is that transparent.
  • 911 truth exposes the massive criminality of the American state in a way that a thousand essays on wiretapping and Guantanamo cannot do. Terrified and angry, Americans will tolerate these abominations so long as the lie remains intact.
  • Remind them that WE are their constituency – not Christopher Hitchens or Allan Dershowitz. Sparring with these degenerates goes nowhere, they will NEVER achieve respectability in the eyes of the elite. However, they run a real risk of losing credibility in the eyes of regular people if they continue to ignore the elephant in the living room.
  • People are asking: if a regular guy or gal like me can see through the ridiculous official fairy tale, why can’t a smart guy like Noam Chomsky? People are starting to raise their eyebrows.
  • One need not make 911 truth the entire focus of their efforts, it merely has to be acknowledged and supported.
  • The blowback theory, however plausible it seemed at first, and however much America’s foreign policy encourages these types of attacks, is no longer tenable. Admit you were wrong – it’s a sign of character. If you truly want to stop terrorism, you must do more than eliminate the social and economic conditions that give rise to suicide bombers; you must also expose false flag terrorism engineered by the state. All the peace and justice in the world will not stop the state from engaging in these attacks against her own people and blaming it on foreign enemies. So long as ignorance of false flags is predominant, terrorism will continue – and war.
  • Fragile ego and booksales on blowback are no excuse for continued complicity. You know in your heart the truth about 911, and you also know that the elite is only a breath away from launching another false flag terror extravaganza, which will hurl us into WWIII. Will you allow your petty ego to stand in the way of peace?

Michael Parenti: mp@michaelparenti.org
Howard Zinn: hzinn2@yahoo.com
Mickey Z: mzx2@earthlink.net
David Barsamian: dbarsamian@hotmail.com
Adrej Grubacic: zapata@mutualaid.org
Alexander Cockburn: counterpunch@counterpunch.org
Arundhati Roy: assistant@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk
Micahel Albert: sysop@zmag.org
Amy Goodman: amyg@pacifica.org
Ward Churchill: Ward.Churchill@Colorado.EDU
Edward Hermann: hermane@wharton.upenn.edu
George Monbiot: g.monbiot@zetnet.co.uk
Greg Palast: palast@aol.com
Tariq Ali: tariq.ali3@btinternet.com
Christopher Cook: Christopher@dietforadeadplanet.com
John Pilger: pilgereditor@gmail.com
Ted Rall: chet@rall.com
Black Commentator: publisher@blackcommentator.com
Ron Jacobs: rjacobs3625@charter.net
Dave Lindorff: dlindorff@yahoo.com
Norman Soloman: mediabeat@igc.org.
Joshua Frank: BrickBurner@gmail.com.
Michael Neumann: mneumann@trentu.ca.
Christopher Reed: christopherreed@earthlink.net.
Noam Chomsky: Chomsky@mit.edu