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Opinion - Chomsky and 9/11

Chomsky's disappointing and perplexing support for the NIST 9/11 conclusions does nothing to undermine the 9/11 truth movement or its findings. Scientific debate entitles Chomsky to whatever opinion he chooses. The truth movement has no reason to despair over this as long as it continues to focus on the science of 9/11.

Chomsky argues against a US false flag operation on two counts: 1) the scale of the operation and the high probability of a leak would render it too risky; and 2) lack of scientific evidence supporting an alternative theory.

Neither of these arguments is credible or defensible. Chomsky devoted much of his career to cataloging a century of US global terror conducted on a far grander scale than 9/11. Is he now proposing that these covert operations are limited only to foreign targets due to unstoppable domestic whistleblowers? On the face of it, this is absurd. Covert operations of this magnitude and gravity operate by different laws. Leaking information would be suicidal.

But let’s assume Chomsky is correct. If so, is the US unique in producing whistleblowers willing to risk their lives to expose Uncle Sam’s dark side? Does the same argument apply to Hussein, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Pinochet, or Pol Pot? Shall we also draw a line through their domestic atrocities as too implausible due to home grown whistleblowers? Furthermore, what shall we make of the released Northwoods documents revealing false flag plans against American citizens by the US military in the early ‘60s?