Donald Rumsfeld and the Demolition of WTC 7

When former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked about World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), he claimed that he had never heard of it. This was despite the unprecedented destruction of that 47-story building and its relationship to the events of 9/11 that shaped Rumsfeld’s career. Although not hit by a plane, WTC 7 experienced free fall into its own footprint on the afternoon of 9/11—through the path of what should have been the most resistance. The government agency charged with investigating the building’s destruction ultimately admitted that it had been in free fall during a portion of its descent. That fact makes explosive demolition the only logical explanation. Considering how WTC 7 might have been demolished leads to some interesting facts about Rumsfeld and his associates.

The one major tenant of WTC 7 was Salomon Smith Barney (SSB), the company that occupied 37 of the 47 floors in WTC 7. A little discussed fact is that Rumsfeld was the chairman of the SSB advisory board and Dick Cheney was a board member as well. Rumsfeld had served as chairman of the SSB advisory board since its inception in 1999. According to the financial disclosures he made in his nomination process, during the same period Rumsfeld had also been a paid consultant to the Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet. Rumsfeld and Cheney had to resign from their CIA and SSB positions in 2001 when they were confirmed as members of George W. Bush’s cabinet.

Several of Rumsfeld and Cheney’s colleagues had access to, or personal knowledge of, WTC 7. Secret Service agent Carl Truscott, who was in charge of the Presidential Protection Division on 9/11, knew the building well because he had worked at the Secret Service’s New York field office located there. Furthermore, Tenet’s CIA secretly operated a “false front of another federal organization” from within WTC 7.  That false front might have been related to the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service, Rumsfeld’s Department of Defense, or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), all of which were listed as tenants of WTC 7. The SEC lost many important documents when the building was destroyed, including much of what was needed to effectively prosecute Enron and WorldCom.

In any event, it is clear that covert operatives had access to WTC 7. Through the Secret Service, the DOD, and a secret office of the CIA, the building provided access to many such people. Additionally, electronic security for the WTC complex was contracted out to Stratesec, a security company operated by military arms logistician and Iran-Contra suspect, Barry McDaniel. Wirt Walker, the son of a CIA employee who was flagged by the SEC for suspected 9/11 insider trading, was McDaniel’s boss at Stratesec.

Amazingly, explosives and terrorism were planned topics of discussion at WTC 7 on the day of the attacks. There was a meeting scheduled at WTC 7 for the morning of 9/11 that included explosive disposal units from the U.S. military. The Demolition Ordnance Disposal Team from the Army’s Fort Monmouth just happened to be invited there that morning to meet with the building’s owner, Larry Silverstein. They were “reportedly planning to hold a meeting at 7 World Trade Center to discuss terrorism prevention efforts.” The meeting was set for eight o’clock in the morning on 9/11 but was canceled with the excuse that one of Silverstein’s executives could not make it.

Richard Spanard, an Army captain and commander of Fort Monmouth’s explosive disposal unit, was at WTC 7 to attend the meeting. He was “enjoying breakfast at a deli 50 feet from the World Trade Center twin towers when the first plane hit. General hysteria inundated the deli. Spanard decided that he and the three soldiers with him should move to number 7 World Trade Center, where they had a scheduled meeting.” Building 7 was “full of people in the midst of evacuating. A second explosion was heard, and people began mobbing the three escalators in a state of panic. Spanard and the now five soldiers with him began yelling for everyone to remain calm.”

In yet another “eerie quirk of fate,” Fort Monmouth personnel were preparing for an exercise called Timely Alert II on the day of 9/11. This was a disaster drill focused on response to a terrorist attack and included law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel. The drill simply changed to an actual response as the attacks began.

Fort Monmouth, located in New Jersey just 49 miles away from the WTC complex, was home to several units of the Army Materiel Command (AMC). Coincidentally, Stratesec’s Barry McDaniel had led AMC a decade earlier. McDaniel had an interesting past and, after 9/11, became business partners with one of Dick Cheney’s closest colleagues.

The Fort Monmouth response on 9/11 included the explosives unit and the Army’s Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM). As the drill was converted to an actual response, teams of CECOM experts were deployed to locate cell phone transmissions in the pile at Ground Zero. The remainder of the base’s explosive ordnance company was there by the afternoon of 9/11 and stayed for three days in order to, among other things, help “authorities” look for any possible explosives in the debris.

The explosive disposal/terrorism meeting was not just a request of Larry Silverstein, however, but was actually organized by the Secret Service field office. The U.S. Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal Mobile Unit 6 had also been invited to WTC 7 that morning, again at the request of the Secret Service. As they arrived, the planes began to strike the towers.

Considering all of this, Rumsfeld’s claim that he had never heard of WTC 7 is not believable. It does not reconcile with the facts about the positions he held and those of his colleagues and subordinates. It certainly doesn’t reconcile with the fact that Rudy Giuliani gave Rumsfeld a personal tour of Ground Zero just two months after the attacks. Surely Rumsfeld noticed the huge pile of still-smoking rubble that was once the building where Giuliani’s 23rd-floor emergency bunker was housed. They were photographed standing right across the street from it.

Rumsfeld was the chairman of the advisory board for a company that occupied nearly the entirety of WTC 7. On 9/11 he led the DOD—another tenant of the building. Explosive disposal units from both the Army and the Navy (DOD entities) were scheduled to meet in WTC 7 on the morning of 9/11, ostensibly to discuss terrorism. A DOD-sponsored terrorism exercise was scheduled for that morning in the same area. Moreover, Rumsfeld’s long-time business associate Peter Janson ran AMEC Construction, a company hired to clean-up the debris at the WTC complex (after having renovated the exact area where Flight 77 was said to have hit the Pentagon).

And as stated above, Rumsfeld had been a paid consultant to CIA director George Tenet in the three years prior to 9/11. Immediately after WTC 7 was destroyed, the CIA ordered the immediate area around the building to be surrounded by FBI agents. According to the New York Times, the CIA then “dispatched a special team to scour the rubble.” Reportedly this was to retrieve secret documents. But was the CIA, in conjunction with (or posing as) the Secret Service, also coordinating the military’s ordnance disposal units in their search for explosives in the debris?

Rumsfeld’s comments should be considered in light of the fact that he was among the leaders of a concerted plan to lie about Iraq’s WMDs. Similarly, there has been a pattern of lying about WTC 7 by government officials. The official report on the destruction of the building is patently and provably false and followed a long string of false explanations. When government scientists finally admitted that WTC 7 was in free-fall, indicating that they had previously lied about that fact, even their body language revealed the deception.

When we remember 9/11, we should remember that those crimes initiated and continue to drive the devastating “War on Terror.” We should also remember that war is based on deception and the official account of 9/11 is a prime example. We see the lies about 9/11 everyday as they are still being told, like the one readily seen in the form of a 47-story building experiencing free fall and nearly every statement made about it by government officials since that time.

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

Having recently re dipped my head into the bucket of shit Donald Rumsfeld represents, by watching the Pat Tillman story, this professional liar, or his quintessential ability to professionally lie, was shown in all its infamy.
Alongside the rat line of senators led by Waxman pretending some kind of authority, Rumsfeld and Myars and Abizaid (any relation to USAID) and the other scroat General, flipped their liars narrative with an ease that left the room in shadow, stunning them into silence. Not even the wrath of Mrs Tillman could match that full bore affront to truth Rumsfeld managed in his wanting on the record his specific memory that he didn't remember a thing ! about the P4 addressed directly to him that would have most definitely been put on his desk.
Then, after Waxman licked them clean, the generals and Uncle Donald stood and jokingly shook hands with eachother while ignoring completely the Tillman family sat a dozen feet away, the division between truth an lie never more complete and utter in its administration.

That this man could look the camera in the eye while denying WTC7 is simply par.

WTC 7 - was the smoking gun a dud?

I was very pleasantly surprised to read this wonderfully detailed report from Orangutan this morning. I had just been sorting through the known facts and timeline of the WTC 7 incident in my head when I saw this blog. I am further convinced at this juncture that this building was supposed to collapse while largely enveloped in the dust and aftermath of the Tower implosions. As posited by others in the past, my gut tells me it was a "dud", and had to be re-triggered later in the day. This would explain the BBC news-gaffe of modern times, the vaunted BEEBS reporting that the Salomon building had collapsed whilst standing in front of of said buidling. It would explain the broadly disseminated order to evacuate the area, because a buidling with a very minor interior fire "was about to come down". And it had to come down, because it was loaded with charges that would soon be discovered, thus the need to "pull" the building as stated by Silver-tounge. WTC 7 is the elephant in the room, and when it topples, the whole house of cards comes along. Thanks for keeping it on the front page.

Your comments are needed here..!!!

A site called "Accuracy in Media" is now smearing truthers, here is a link,

Lies of the 9/11 “Truth” Movement

Some books should be tasted.......

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.”

― Francis Bacon

OK, so I did my due diligence and dipped into the article you linked to but, heeding Bacon's advise, I didn't tarry. On a site called Accuracy in Media you would expect something whitepaperish to coin a phrase but what you get is a political screed. What caught my attention were the quotes around the word former in the following quote: "He neglected to point out that Van Jones, the “former” communist who is now a co-host of CNN’s..." This is the level of intellect you would expect from the John Birch Society or something like that. Former Commie: I think not! Let me just say this about commies in America: there a'int none. At the height of their influence The Daily Worker boasted a subscription of 30,000 (thirty thousand). There is a better chance of a resurgence of the Bull Moose Party or the Know-Nothing Party taking root than for any commie party taking hold (or any other third party for that matter.) Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a red flag at a labor dispute?

Another thought:

I am tired of supernumeraries like this self described media "watchdog" Accuracy in Media .

Government: "9/11 was caused by 19 hijackers.....etc" OK, this is new information
Dissident: 9/11 was an "inside" job. OK, this is new information
Accuracy in Media : 9/11 was caused by 19 hijackers....etc and to think otherwise is kooky" The only new information is that I am "kooky" which they are not qualified to judge so, in toto, no new information.

Dan Rather

YES great reporters like Dan Rather are asked to step down when they tell the truth.
We are censored.
We are getting Dummy Down America,
And nothing is being done to clean that up. Did I say nothing? NOTHING.
Because should someone step up they become the next JFK dead with files sealed.
Welcome to America land of the free GGGGRRRR!!!


Rumsfeld is a clever liar and dissembler with few peers.

The Secret Service's Stinger Missile at the WTC

This is a good article by Kevin, with some very interesting information.

Another detail about the Secret Service's field office in WTC 7 worth noting is that the agency secretly kept a Stinger missile--an extremely effective weapon for shooting down aircraft--there, and yet apparently made no attempt to use it to protect the Twin Towers on September 11.

This fact was revealed by Murray Weiss in his book The Man Who Warned America (p. 379), in which he wrote, "The most closely guarded secret in the towers was kept by the Secret Service, which [in the aftermath of 9/11] was concerned about a Stinger missile secretly stored there, which was used to protect the president in the event of an attack when he visited New York."

Weiss also mentioned the Stinger missile in an article at the DNAinfo New York website, which you can read here:

They got away with it - sad and angry.

When I see the names Bush Rumsfeld, Chaney, Silverstein, I just feel like screaming.
They got away with 3000 murders.
And we the people are sitting ducks, they are walking around rich and arrogant.

Others on the Demolition of WTC 7

Building 7: "Obviously it was the result of controlled demolition." Jack Keller, emeritus professor of engineering at |Utah State University

Prominent member of the National Association of Demolition Contractors said the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 looked like a controlled demolition--The collapse of the WTC towers looked like a classic controlled demolition, said Mike Taylor, "It cascaded down like an implosion."

Danny Jawenko, a Dutch controlled demolition expert gives his unbiased opinion on World Trade Center building 7's collapse.

Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Still Has No Clue About WTC 7

Luke Rudkowski asks Rumsfeld again about WTC Building 7

Published on Mar 22, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski confronts the former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld who was on duty on 9/11. Rumsfeld recently made national headlines after being on the opie and anthony show, a national radio station saying he had no clue what wtc building 7 is. Luke decided after the national controversy to catch up with Rumsfeld on this controversy and this is what Rumsfeld had to say about it.

WTC7 collapse was supposed to be cloaked in collapse of WTC1/2

Don't forget that Michael Hess, one of Rudy Giuliani’s highest ranking appointed officials- New York city’s corporation counsel, was in WTC7 with Barry Jennings before the second tower collapsed. And that, when they arrived at the Office of Emergency Management (FEMA) on on level 23, and found it had been recently deserted, he made some phone calls and was told to “leave, and leave right away”.

So 'they' couldn't blow up WTC as long as their friend Hess was in there. So they had to wait.

'WTC7 giuliani Barry Jennings'