Counter-Intelligence -- The Interview

This is Scott Noble from Metanoia films.

I recently did a two-part interview for Dissident Voice on the subject of my recent documentary, Counter-Intelligence.

The interview covers a wide variety of topics, including the birth of the CIA, the rise of military industrial intelligence complex, black operations, plausible deniability and compartmentalization, mercenary groups, "national security," NSA spying, false flag and pseudo operations, the 911 truth movement, "conspiracy theory," "debunkers," definitions of terrorism, and modern warfare.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The film itself can be viewed online here:

Thank you.


This is among the finest interviews I have ever read. Point after point coincides with my other, extensive reading and understanding of how politics works in the real world.

Thanks for highlighting this interview, which is rich in detail, and not always accessible in film.

Great interview!

Scott Noble shows without a doubt that it takes more than a camera to be a great documentary film maker... You need to know your subject inside and out, and, if there were ever any doubts, this interview clearly demonstrates what a deep thinker he is and how he has read more books on it than most people... Can't wait for your next one, Scott!

Thank you

Thanks for the kind remarks.

I am currently struggling to raise funds to complete my next documentary, which will explore political repression in the USA.

If anyone would like to help out or just spread the link around here is the fundraiser page:

Edit: While most of the series will focus on persecution of leftists/anarchists, as that has been the norm historically, I also intend to focus (in part III) on the trend toward persecution of libertarians and literally anyone who deviates from official orthodoxy.