NY1 coverage of the High-Rise Safety Initiative

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The above seven links were shown on a post (not just a comment) earlier. The seven links were bumped by the post about the NY1 coverage. However, all of the different news coverage is important and should have continued being prominently displayed in my opinion.

911 Blogger should be making every effort to have all information about the High-Rise Safety Initiative very easy to see.




Well considering the tone at all the links 'tan was so kind to provide above, I guess you could call it fair. At least they didn't use any pejorative name calling. The freefall of WTC7 should be noted at every opportunity. IMHO.

peace everyone.

What is missing?

What is missing from this "balanced" report? It should be obvious.

C'mon everybody.

Let's put those thinking caps on.

So everybody gives up?

The NY1 story doesn't show the actual collapse of WTC 7. They show the building befoe it collapses. They show it after it collapses. But they don't show it during its collapse.

Now why would NY1 do a story on the collapse of WTC 7 and never show its collapse?

excellent point Bilbo...

indeed why?
Because they're afraid maybe Americans would now see the collapses in a whole new light? Or some who never payed much attention might just see the problem with the official narrative if they did see the collapses again?

Media Exposure = Free Advertising

The media exposure equates to many thousands of dollars in advertising.

The donations not only help to gain the signatures, but they have the added benefit of "purchasing" media attention.

Again, thanks to all for the hard work and donations.

(By the way, Ted does a stellar job on the interview.)

Bob McIlvaine, Father of Bobby McIlvaine Valerie Lucznikowska, A

Dear Joe,

Two weeks ago we had the satisfaction of being present for the submission of 67,000 signatures calling for a ballot measure to require the City of New York to investigate the collapse of WTC 7. A week later, as word of the campaign spread, Mayor Bill de Blasio made his position known, calling our efforts “insensitive” and “inappropriate”, and saying that he would work with the City Council to keep it from appearing on the ballot.

Now we need your help to fight back. Already, the Mayor and City Council Speaker are moving to have the City Council vote down our proposal so that it does not appear before the voters. But we can override their veto by a submitting second petition on September 4th.

Please donate what you can today so that we will have enough funds to finish the job we started. With all eyes on us, it is imperative we submit the second petition, or we will have little chance of appearing on the ballot this November.

Visit HighRiseSafetyNYC.org/donate to make your contribution.

We thank you for digging deep at this important juncture in our efforts, and we are grateful for the generosity that so many of you have shown already.

Yours in gratitude,

Bob McIlvaine, Father of Bobby McIlvaine
Valerie Lucznikowska, Aunt of Adam Arias

FOX goes a bit further


"NYC CAN disputes the reports because the destruction of the steel in the building’s cleanup caused NIST to rely on computer models. Also, NYC CAN claims experts disputed NIST’s findings, saying NIST omitted critical structural features from their models."

The comments on the article are great!

I love the comments. Professional. Succinct.

Contact NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio:

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

I know its already been said, but I'll say it again. NY1 didn't show the damn building coming down! if you are READING this NY1 - SHOW the wucking building coming down a couple of times and maybe you and your viewers will get to understand why people in this world give a damn and are struggling to get this important information out there !

Encouraging NY1--Please join me

Dear NY1, (sent to newspix@ny1.com)

On 9/11 your local CBS station had a very dedicated journalist named Vince Dementri who risked his life to get close to WTC7 less than an hour before it dropped like a stone at 5:20 pm.

His video shows a few small fires on two floors and fires already burned out on two others. Why? Because the office contents do not support fire for more than 30 minutes.


Pause the tape at 4:13. Do you see a towering inferno?

Steel buildings do not succumb to fire. The steel is fireproofed, rated at 2 hours minimum.

NY1, follow Vince Dementri's footsteps. Stand upon his shoulders. Do your independent journalistic duty. Ask the tough questions and get the scoop.

NYC and the rest of the world needs to have a building investigation about why this modern structure was so unstable that it was vulnerable to hydrocarbon fires.

The High Rise Safety Initiative is good for NYC and for America.