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Weekendavisen could not substantiate its allegations that Niels Harrit was crazy

The Danish newspaper Weekendavisen could not substantiate its allegations that Niels Harrit was crazy

The court hearing due to Niels Harrits case against journalist Soren Willemoes and editor Anne Knudsen from Weekendavisen, for public defamatory and allegations of scientific dishonesty, was held yesterday the 16th of August 2013.
The hearing was initially characterized by the fact, that Niels Harrit was not represented by a lawyer, and had decided to run the case himself. In a courtroom, the language is law, but with the help of both the judge and the defendant's lawyer, the case went in to motion.
First Niels Harrit went to testify, then it was Soren Willemoes - Anne Knudsen had not shown up in court.
To testify for him, Niels Harrit had called architect Jan Utzon, to represent the collegial support represented by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, who at this moment counts 1.975 professional signers. Jan Utzon told the court, that he shared the same skepticism as Niels Harrit, over the official explanation for WTC7 collapse.

Street action in Copenhagen, Denmark

The website http://www.i11time.dk - a danish 9/11 truth site - set up some street action in the center of Copenhagen. And in front of the national tv stations evening studio.


911 Action in Copenhagen

TV coverage of David Ray Griffin´s European Tour in 2006. ( english subs )

This is from David Ray Griffin´s tour in Denmark in 2006.

He made national TV, and it aired on the evening news. Its just now been fit with some subs.

David Ray Griffin on TV2 in Denmark ( with english subs )

9/11 Truth in MSM - Denmark

The largest tv station in denmark had a live broadcast on "Good Morning, Denmark" with Professor in chemistry, Niels Harrit
( www.911truth.dk/first/en/art_Harrit.htm ) and the creator of the largest 9/11 Forum in denmark, Jakob Hede Madsen. ( www.agenda911.dk )

The interview is with english subtitles.