Official 9/11 Timeline?

I was driving over the road 2 years after 9/11, so as you can imagine I listened to mass quantities of talk radio especially during the night because it helped keep me awake on the long hauls. Needless to say, one of the talk programs I discovered was "Coast to Coast" hosted by George Noory. One particular night Noory had a round table discussion with several conspiracy guests, one of which was Alex Jones and it was one thing he said that woke me up and dropped my jaw to the point where I began to look for more info. He stated, "There are certain secret groups that want to reduce the population by 80%." Longer story short, I went into a big book store chain not even realizing what I was looking for, and found the book "Alice in Wonderland...." by David Icke. As I sifted through the dis-info of lizards I came to the time line of events that happened on 9/11 of which I had not thought of since that day until Icke pointed out the official time the first plane hit the tower. 8:45..That would be 7:45 central time as I was working in Illinois installing cabinets at the time of the disaster.