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911: Can You Handle The Truth? by Russell Gentile

Here's the link to the blog i posted yesterday titled " 911: Can you handle the truth?
I suck when it comes to computers and was'nt sure how to get the links in the article to work on the blog.
Read it and enjoy , Russlle Gentile put ALOT of effort into this and it was well written.
Mike in Florida......

9-11: Can You Handle The Truth?

9-11: Can You Handle The Truth?
By Russell Gentile

9-11 is one of the most infamous days of our current time. Many people experienced the events of that day with surprise, shock, sadness, and anger. I am one of them.

All of these emotions clouded my judgment until I early on discovered an entire, very credible counter culture for lack of a better term that from almost day one has researched and opposed the official government story parroted by the mainstream. This counter culture that involves people and experts from all walks of life has been mostly unable to get an honest spirited debate in the mainstream without being labeled nut cases and anti-American. Why is this?


In my study of the events of that fateful day, I have encountered two primary reasons why most people dismiss an engaging debate on the subject:

1. The Government cannot do anything right let alone keep a grand conspiracy like this under wraps

2. George Bush, as hated as he is, especially by the liberal media would incite responses/investigations from those in the media to expose him for being part of it.