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George Tenet's New Book

George Tenet has a new book coming out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting him to 'out' anybody for their guilt of 9/11, but I am optimistic for 2 reasons...

#1. Who knows for sure, but there was apparently a lot of animosity between Tenet and the White House in the aftermath of the WMD scandals.

#2. Every time anyone talks about 9/11, we are receding new information. Whether it’s true or false, I’m happy to hear what he has to say, and who knows where the most innocuous snippet may lead with thorough research.

Remember, in the latest Woodward book, Tenet had told Woodward about that late night meeting with Condi in which he was basically blown off. It’s possible that Tenet and his Medal of Freedom have been quietly planning revenge against those he thinks turned on him in the White House.

New 9/11 information comes in infrequently that I’m just an addict for more information. And I’m about due for another fix.

My first diary. It's light on substance, I know, but it's just meant as a quick heads up.