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Rosie might not be coming back.

She just posted in her Q&A section that she might not be coming back to finish the last three weeks on her VIEW contract Wave bye bye to any hopes of a 9-11 Truth segment.

Rosie! Will you be back on The View? When?

no idea

Watch. Stunned. wow cubed.
I would walk.
work isn’t worth that battle


Rosie, Please remove yourself from all that makes u unhappy. U deserve better. I am just sick about what has happened. U can fix it. Move on, Surround urself w/ good. U r important and LOVEDknowthat.


The View's 9-11 episode - CANCELLED! Rosie responds by taking the day off!

The 9-11 episode of THE VIEW, scheduled for tomorrow, has been canceled. In response, Rosie is taking the day off.

tomorrow kelli turns 40
i will not be at work

peace out