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Local newspaper crosses the line!!!!!

A week or so ago, I asked you to write to my local paper "The Courier" to publish the Jesse Ventura 9/11 article that the Huffington Post censored.
I have also repeatedly posted various 9/11 and anti-NWO articles on their Facebook wall. Needless to say, they have not published anything I have sent them. They also have gone one step further than ignoring me.....are you ready for this?? Instead of e-mailing me to let me know that they either dont like the subject of my articles or that they are just not going to post them....A REPRESENTATIVE FROM THE PAPER CONTACTED MY PARENTS TO EXPRESS THEIR DISGUST!!! Can you believe it?? I am a 33 year old man! You dont go to my parents house to tattle on me!

Here is the papers website and Facebook if your interested....

Trying to get local paper to run 9/11 story

I am calling to all of you to send this story to my local paper, The Courier. to my local paper The Courier.

It is a copy of Jesse Venturas piece on 9/11 that the Huffington Post censored.

Here is the editors link to send your request to run this story.

Respectfully request that they run this story because it is an important issue and censorship that the Huffington Post is practicing can not go on.

Thank you
Matt Winkeljohn