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Get ready everyone. This truth movement has the distinct possibility of getting bloody, so I want to ask all of you...Do you think your military will fire on American Citizens??

Here's a scenario...What's going to happen when a million Americans show up on Capital Hill or in New York, armed the same way the 'security gaurds' are armed?? Just imagine....hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, most of them carrying a firearm....there are lots of Americans, 80 MILLION who own guns legally, not to mention those who have guns that the government doesn't know about, show up at protests demanding truth??? Guns sales are up 50%!!!!!!!! Get ready.

I picture the next protest in New York, where the PEOPLE protesting are carrying the SAME WEAPONS as the security gaurds. What can they do? Fire on a million people?? Even 100 THOUSAND armed citizens can over come 10,000 security guards. It's time. Let's BRING IT!