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Guantanamo From Both Sides of the Wire

On Tuesday 20th of January 2009 the Cageprisoners "Two Sides, One Story -- Guantanamo From Boths Sides of the Wire Tour" -- a tour to mark seven years of unlawful detention, abuse and torture, came to Sheffield, UK. Christopher Arendt (former Guantanamo guard, Iraq Veterans Against War), Moazzam Begg (former Guantanamo prisoner, spokesperson for Cageprisoners) and Omar Deghayes (former Guantanamo prisoner, Save Omar) were introduced by Jillian Creasy on behalf of the Sheffield Guantanamo Campaign. It was an outstanding and very moving event and an audio recording of the meeting and some photos can be found on Sheffield Indymedia and The A-Infos Radio Project.

Omar Deghayes, Moazzam Begg and Christopher Arendt