Farmster's blog's explanation of the Pentagon strike

 FYI -- Here's a recent explanation of the Pentagon strike from our government: 

As you click through the photos, they attempt to provide a rebuttal to points made in Loose Change.

If they really wanted to debunk Loose Change, that's easy-- just show Flight 77 from one of their many security cameras.





Paul Craig Roberts, former top Reagan official, once again questions 9/11

Paul Craig Roberts, whose credentials can't be denied, presents another crystal clear article questioning 9/11:

On Sept. 7, National Public Radio reported that Muslims in the Middle East were beginning to believe that the 9-11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon were false flag operations committed by some part of the U.S. and/ or Israeli government.

It was beyond the imagination of the NPR reporter and producer that there could be any substance to these beliefs, which were attributed to the influence of books by U.S. and European authors sold in bookstores in Egypt.

NPR's concern was that books by Western authors questioning the origin of the 9-11 attack have the undesirable result of removing guilt from Muslims' shoulders.

The NPR reporter, Ursula Lindsey, said that "here in the U.S., most people have little doubt about what happened during the 2001 attacks."

NY Times article questions accuracy of 9/11 health problems

This seems to be a preemptive attempt to muddy the waters in advance of the publicity that the 9/11 first responders are bound to get on the upcoming anniversary.

Amy Goodman presents story on Police informant that pushed bombing

With Amy, we'll take what we can least it's something.

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Loose Change 2E on national TV

Check it out:

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