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To Everyone On Here

Thank you everyone on here for helping me out. I really appreciate it. I think it is so wonderful that people can all come together about one thing and just share information with one another in an adult matter without being children about it and being open minded to everything. I wish i could meet more people like this. I never thought I would actually be invovled with people like this except my uncle Gideon. Ever since he went to New York and showed me the inpact that you can really have on people its made me want to become more invovled with things like this. That is why I want to start that club at my school And thank you to everyone who posted comments on my blog about that, your suggestions were very much appreciated. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH

9/11 Truth Club At My School

I'm a sophmore in High School and I really really want to get a 9/11 Truth Club started at my school. I don't really know how to carry on about it. All my boyfriend and I have done is passed out a few Truth Dvds and posted bullitens on myspace... It's hard to get people to back me up on theis because a lot of teenagers here dont really care about all of this, but im still trying. I would have to go infront of the board of education also..does any one have any suggestions at what i should do to carry on about this better and stuff? I really really need advice