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Premiere Screening of ZERO in Japan Standing Room Only!

The premiere screening of ZERO: An Investigation Into 911 in Tokyo was an outstanding success!

We were actually not sure we would have the film ready on time as there were several hitches in the production. Luckily, with much sweat and little sleep, the final version was completed just two days prior.

It was a marathon job for all those involved as we had to translate the English, check the translations were accurate, then create the subtitles, review everything and then tweak things more... It was a lot of hard work, back and forth, day after day, night after night, but finally we are very pleased with the results.

Approximately 250 people showed up on the evening of Sept 11th. Of them around 50 had to be turned away as the theater could only sit about 200. People were in the aisles and standing at the back. It was very heartening to hear the round of applause the audience gave at the end.

You can check out pictures from the evening and other media related items here:

Finally, some more good news! Another theater in Tokyo, the Image Forum, has decided to screen ZERO for two weeks starting next month!!

ZERO : An Investigation into 9/11 Screening Soon In Japan

The Italian produced film ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (English with Japanese subtitles) will be screening from Sept 11th, 2010 to the 24th in Tokyo, Japan.

We are happy to announce that this will be the first 911 film to be shown at a regular mainstream theater in Japan.

The English website can be seen here:

The official Japanese site is: