"9/11 The Myth and the Reality"

Western Mass 9/11 Truth Alliance presents A film by Kwn Jwnkina - "9/11: The Myth and the Reality" Featuring David Ray Griffin In the Spring of 2006 David Ray Griffin gave a brand new lecture to a sold out audience at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California. The talk condenses the most relevant points of his first two books into a dynamic presentation, demonstrating conclusively US Government complicity in the attacks of 9/11. Dr. Griffin's presentation was videotaped with six cameras, and 9/11 filmmaker Ken Jenkins has illustrated this DVD with hundreds of relevant graphics and clips. In short, this is the most highly illustrated and well-produced David Ray Griffin DVD available today.

"9/11 The Myth and the Reality"
at: Media Education Foundation
60 Masonic Street
Northampton, MA

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